Tiny Reading Week

44. Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Another 1001 Children’s Books read. Possibly a reread. Probably a reread, but the original read was back forty or so years ago.

I liked it. I liked all the details about life during that time. I loved the story about the boring Sunday that Pa felt compelled to top. I loved the stories about the wolves and the snow and neighbor visits and the food they ate.

And the size of this book is lovely for read-alouds. Bigger than a picture book.

Now I must decide if I wish to pass this on (mailing it would be pricey, I think) or catalog it for my school library.

45. Little Black Ant on Park Street by Janet Halfmann

Brilliant. What a fantastic book for children! A closeup view of the ant’s world, along with cool details about black ants. Must order a nice copy for my school library.

46. The Interrogative Mood: A Novel? By Padgett Powell

Is there any other way to write a review of this book? Do you enjoy reading question after question after question? Is part of you fascinated to read a book written entirely in questions? Are you already tiring of this technique?

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